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TheForge: fantasy name generator is a flash-based name generation utility that serves as both a literary aid and creative wellspring.

TheForge is not just one name generator, but several, divided by theme. TheForge is a general-purpose fantasy name generator. The SpellForge is our spell, effect, and magical name generator. The BeastForge is our animal, creature and monster name generator. Lastly, The LandForge is our setting and location name generator.

Key features of TheForge: Fantasy name generator include:

o The ability to manipulate each and every part of a name generation, rather than awaiting the end-product of "assembly line" generators.

o Stunning, streamlined user interface for unparalleled freedom in how names are created and manipulated.

o Forge Themes, which allow you custom tailor your name generations with unrivaled precision.

o A massive database (updated frequently) of over 2400 fantasy words and names, totaling up to 20 million unique combinations.



Using TheForge: Fantasy name generator is a simple and intuitive process. Fantasy names are generated in groups of four in the center of the screen. TheForge tools are situated on the bottom of the screen.

After selecting the Forge of your choice, all you need to do is press the spacebar to generate a unique set of four names.

The toolset is used to manipulate any of the names you have generated. By default, you have the Change tool selected. With the Change tool, you can click on an individual word on screen to randomly change it.

The Lock tool will stop a word from changing when you create new names (by pressing the spacebar). In this way, you can keep any word or collection of words that strike you as immediately useful. Locked words are marked in gray, and can be unlocked with another click with the Lock tool, or by using the Reset button.

True to its name, the Write tool allows you to write in a word of your choosing. While the Write tool is selected, click on the word you wish to edit. Type the new word in the panel that appears, and it will be added once you hit enter. Written words are automatically locked.

The Retain tool will lock all the words in that particular quadrant. For example, if you Retain the word Fire, Fire will be added to the same slot in every quadrant, and locked. This is especially useful for when you are looking for specific variations on a name or phrase.

The Reset tool will clear all locked and retained words, in addition to removing any Forge Themes currently active. The Reset button will also default the Third word to random (explained below).

In addition to your main toolset, you also have a secondary toolset.

The Forges button will return you to the homepage, where you may select a new Forge.

The Help button will give you context-sensitive information on any button you rollover.

The Third button changes the way in which Third words are created. Third words vary by Forge. For example, in The SpellForge, the Third word is purely ornamental (providing proper names to each spell). Alternatively, the Third word in the BeastForge may have subtle or drastic effects on the entire name. The Third button grants you control over how much influence, if any, these third words have on your creations. By default, Third words are created randomly. By clicking once, Third words are disabled. Clicking again will always create a Third word. Clicking again will default the system back to random.

Forge Themes are special collections of words, appropriately enough, geared towards a specific fantasy theme. The Forge Theme is a powerful way to fine-tune the subject matter of your fantasy names.



If you any comments, or would like to suggest a new Forge or Forge theme, please do not hesitate to contact us. We do not guarantee such requests will be implemented, but all will be considered at length by the staff.

And, on behalf of the entire staff, we at TheForge: Fantasy name generator thank you, and hope you are inspired by all that you discover and see.


John "The Wingless" Burnett

TheForge: fantasy name generator Project Lead


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