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My love of names is an old, old thing.

I think my first true conception of that love came in High School. Through innumerable papers, poems, pieces, and projects, I found that the most difficult and rewarding facet of any endeavor is the name. The identity. I can still recall the abject horror that washed over me when somebody mentioned they would, "just leave it untitled".

Names have power. The right sort of name can draw a thousand different conclusions, or point inarguably to but one. Names are the gemstones of the literary world: precious little things that both validate and ornament whatever they are set within.

My adventuresome need to explore names came as late as the winter of 2005 while playing through some of the more noteworthy fantasy games of the day. I was completely enamored with the names and how they instantly conjured a thousand mental images in my head like constellations through starlight. It occurred to me, however absently, that I should try my hand at some kind of name generator, if only to see how long it would take, or how difficult it would be.

And more than three years later, I haven't stopped.

TheForge: fantasy name generator has gone through four iterations, including this latest, arguably greatest incarnation.

The first name generator was a simple, artistic program. Heavy on style, if little else. That singular name generator was later expanded into four individual name generators: TheForge, The BeastForge, The LandForge, and The SpellForge.

The second incarnation of TheForge was even heavier style wise, but suffered from a lack of clearly defined utilities and interactive elements. In essence, a grand experiment in form over function.

The third incarnation of TheForge did not forgo its own inherent sense of style. Even from its infancy, TheForge has been visually arresting. The challenge was be in rivaling, perhaps even surpassing other name generators in terms of functionality.

The answer to that challenge was a complete revisiting of TheForge and its inner-mechanics. A whole new way to access the database, new ways to tailor selections, new ways of displaying and manipulating names. And, of course, a whole new set of problems to grapple with. But the end result was quite successful, both in terms of raw utility and user interaction.

This latest iteration is the amalgamation of my knowledge as a programmer and graphic designer. The effort put into this program was Herculean, and at certain dim times, damn near Sisyphean. But when taken as a whole, I am more than pleased with the new functionality, style, and grace with which TheForge has matured over the years. Doubtless the fifth will be even better, though such thoughts are still far, far under the horizon.

On behalf of the entire staff, we at TheForge: Fantasy name generator hope you enjoy your stay with us and, more importantly, hope you are inspired by the works herein.

John "The Wingless" Burnett

TheForge: fantasy name generator Project Lead


TheForge fantasy name generator
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