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There are a wealth of name generators on the internet. The following list represents some of the most noteworthy of their kind. If you would like to be added to TheForge's links, please feel free to contact us.

The list is by no means exhaustive, nor is it meant to imply a hierarchy of quality. All of the links listed are quite excellent, and each provides some unique take on name generation.


Fantasy name generator: Seventh Sanctum

The Seventh Sanctum has a wealth of science-fiction and fantasy name generators that run the entire gamut of name utilities. Much like TheForge, there are setting, creature, and spell generators. Unlike TheForge, the Seventh Sanctum also has innumerable aids and utilities geared specifically for writing, such as literary theme generators, plotline generators, and even a writing-challenge generator. A definite must-see for both name enthusiasts and the imaginitively-starved.

Fantasy name generator: has a vast array of name generators, most notably, character names generators rooted in some cultural dialect or lexicon. If you need a believable name from all corners of the world, and some places that exist only in the mind, should be your first stop.

Fantasy name generator: Chris Pound's Language Machine

Mr. Pound's has a rich and deep list of generators, most of which contain some very specific focus, such as names from popular book series or culturally-believable character names. But the real draw to Mr. Pound's page comes in the massive-generation of the names. Some of Mr. Pound's generators can create up to 500 words in a single draw, perfect for those who need inspiration in bulk.

Fantasy name generator: Philip Riley's Homepage

The overwhelming majority of Mr. Riley's generators are geared towards cultural and ethnic character names. If you are at a loss for what to name your character from 'round the globe, this is the place to go.


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