In the video game industry (pronounced: The Industry), we have an idiom that sends chills down the spine of every engineer: feature creep. Feature Creep is the slow-but-steady accumulation of little requests and ideas and provisions and permutations until not even light can escape the mass of your once-simple idea.

On an unrelated note, let’s talk about the Pocket*Icarus.

While learning Flash, I assigned myself projects to improve my skills. The Pocket*Icarus was to be, in theory, a Gameboy-like device that played a simple game of Pong. Nothing m-

-More was added in short order. Suddenly, there was an instruction booklet. A technical manual now, as if by magic. Do you know what’s better than one Pong game on the cartridge? Several. Put a little English on the paddles? Leaderboards? Leaderboards! The madness was all-consuming.

There were quite a few lessons learned from the Pocket*Icarus. The first: detail for the sake of detail is hardly art. The second: atmosphere is not separate from substance. Atmosphere is the substance – an repeating theme in my early work where I was heavily influenced by the tone and animation of The Chapman Brothers (of Homestar Runner fame).




  • Your mouse moves your paddle up and down
  • -
  • Hitting the ball against the edges of the paddle will create a steeper angle. Hitting the center will reflect the ball at a shallower angle. Moving while bouncing will have the sharpest angular change of all.
  • -
  • There are several modes to play Pong in. Click on the (?) button to the left of each option to learn more about the mode and it's scoring.


  • 2005 . Millennial Age . Chicago
  • Photoshop & Actionscript on Flash