The New Forge

Almost 15 years as of this posting, I made a fun little side-project during grad school: a simple random name generator. Humble in idea and execution, this little app chugged along for nearly two decades helping people workshop their ideas. In those swiftly-moving 15 years, I earned 4 promotions, worked with 3 companies as an in-house artist in the video game industry, one as an Art Director, and more contract work than you can shake a stick at. In short, I got a little more experience.

And thanks to a random bit of fan-mail (hey man, I can’t use TheForge on mobile ’cause it’s Flash, you ever think of updating?”), I decided to redesign the entire thing from scratch. And by scratch I mean from the first line of code, the first new Photoshop file, and a fresh install of WordPress.

The New Forge represents, at least for now, the most ambitious project I’ve ever attempted by myself. It involved more programming than I’ve ever done, linguistic research, web design, app design, marketing, product design… for an idea so simple, The New Forge required a rather astounding amount of care. Its also my first foray into trying ta git paid for my work through Patreon and advertisements, so it’s all brave new territory – especially the part where I presume all of this deserves merit.

In the end, The New Forge represents my little Summer hot rod project: little bits of my free time spent on one complex-but-clear vision of the future. If nothing else, The New Forge serves as a fitting yardstick for how much I’ve progressed as an polymath in 15 years.


  • 2019 . Industrial Age . Chicago
  • Photoshop, AfterEffects & Actionscript on Wordpress