Xenogears Light

Mustin (his whole name), creative mind behind the band The One Ups, a fantastic musician in his own right, and all-around “good people” – has professed to me many times he’s a fan. At the time, I was incredulous that anyone could like-like my music. But Mustin always backed up the legal tender of his fanboyism with the gold-standard of CDs, free concerts, good friends, good times and collaboration on an Album: Xenogears Light.

This album not only represents a fun bit of contemporary zeitgeist where musicians can cut an album from a thousand of miles away – but Xenogears Light is also my first commercially published bit of songwriting – though it was all pro-bono (anything for a fan).



  • Mustin: project Lead, piano, acoustic bass guitar
  • John Burnett: arrangement
  • Jared Dunn: bongos
  • Greg Kennedy: violin
  • Anthony Lofton: soprano sax
  • Christian Pacaud: acoustic bass guitar
  • Jessica Perkins and Nastassja Riley: flute
  • William Reyes and Tim Yarbrough: acoustic guitar


  • 2005 . Millennial Age