Frequently Asked Questions

So… what exactly is all this about?

What is this site? the personal showcase of John Burnett, an Artist & Art Director in the video game Industry for over a decade. With his free-time, John creates a wide variety of projects: music, art, photography, animation, programming, writing... collected since as early as 2005.

Wait... one person made all of this?

Pretty much.

I'm here for the music. Where is it?

The Music page is undergoing renovations and will launch soon. Any new music will be listed as a project under Music. Older music can be found through the The365 project

Why are so many projects in Flash?

Flash was very popular and versatile in the early millennium, but sadly, its popularity has declined. All Flash projects on this site are virus-free and contain no malware of any kind.

You can download the official Flash player by clicking on the link above titled, "Why are so many projects in Flash?"

One of your projects doesn't work on a mobile device

Some of the Web Design projects were made in Flash, which many mobile devices do not support. A modernization sweep is in the works, however, many projects were always intended, at least as installation pieces, to be seen on a monitor.

I'd like to hire you for UI / UX / Art Direction

That is a *very* smart decision. Use the contact section of this site and be sure to use the Subject line to indicate it's Industry related.

I have a business inquiry

This too is wise. Please use the Contact section of this site and be sure to write (Business) in the subject line.