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best fantasy name generator
best fantasy name generator

Creation Without Limitation

Your creative endeavors require a powerful spark to kindle the imagination. Whether you’re a blacksmith of ideas working on that next big project or trying to overcome the latest mental hurdle, The New Forge – the world’s best all-purpose fantasy name generator – was designed with you in mind.


That’s because unlike other fantasy name generators, The New Forge was built from the ground-up to maximize not just creative output, but creative quality. Many random name generators only pull from a database. Nearly 15 years ago, we believed our fantasy name generator could do better.

The Possibilities are Endless

What makes The New Forge so unique among other random name generator tools is its incredible Blacksmith technology. Pulling the talents of interface artists, experience designers, programmers and linguists, we’ve created an editing software (a word-processor for ideas!) made exclusively for naming generation.


This technology allows for much more structured, focused creations. Want to work on variations of a single fantasy word? What about adding your own fantasy words into the database? Everything in The New Forge gives bespoke solutions to your creative problems.

best fantasy name generator
best fantasy name generator

Be a Part of the Journey

The New Forge is a creative tool, and as such, we intend for it to be free for public use. Forever. We thrive on the generosity of our users and have partnered with Patreon to allow us the flexibility and resources to expand farther than we ever have before. We have big plans for The New Forge, and we’d love you to join us on the adventure. 

But your donations are not just a one-way street; your Patreon contributions will be rewarded in spectacular fashion. Doners will have their names and New Forge creations listed side-by-side on this site. Different levels of patronage yield different levels of rewards; with the highest Tier being a permanent fixture in the app itself!

best fantasy name generator

Get in Touch with Us.


For technical questions, business inquiries, or general well-wishes, we would love to hear from you. We are in Alpha right now, and we would love to hear all your suggestions. New modules? Something specific like a blacksmith name generator? We’re listening. Oh – and The New Forge will never add your email to a mailing list.